What time is there to waste? It all depends on Puffball, y'know.
— Basketball, Worthless Change

Basketball is a male contestant on Object Madness. He is placed on Team A.


Little is known about Basketball's personality. However, he scolds Cherry when he kicks Cup off of Puffball to decrease pressure on Puffball in order for their team to win, meaning he doesn't approve on people being rude to one another. 


  • Basketball is the second-largest contestant in Object Madness.
  • Basketball is voiced by Atesh Sakarya, the creator of the now cancelled Object Havoc.
    • There is a character that is also a basket ball named Basketball in said show.
  • Basketball was added in to the show last minute to expand the cast.
  • He is Bryan's least favorite character (presumably), because he never knew what he was going for when he added him in.