Okay. We need a volunteer that can run the rest of the way!
— Cherry, Worthless Change

Cherry is a male contestant in Object Madness. He was placed on Team A.


Cherry appears to be a maraschino cherry. The fruit part of him is red and his stem and leaf is green. He used to be a magenta color, but was changed in episode 1.

His leaf is different in the first episode, having pointed/jagged sides instead of the round sides.


Cherry is competitive, loud, and (like Tack) somewhat mean. An example of this is when he kicked Cup off of Puffball when he said that his team needed a volunteer to run the rest of Insanity Mountain. He can also be selfish when he said the volunteer would not be him.


  • Cherry is sometimes mistaken by fans as a girl, due to all of the other cherries in other object shows being female.
  • Cherry is voiced by Ireland Weber, the creator of Excellent Entities and Extraordinary Excellent Entities.
  • Cherry is the only male contestant and character overall who starts with a C.
    • Bottled Cap does not count because only the latter half of his name starts with a C.
      • Some fans may also argue with this statement, as Cup is easily mistaken for a male.
  • In Worthless Change whenever Team A cheers, Cherry falls to his side. It is unknown why he does this.