This page focuses on the interactions of Cup and Cherry. They have a negative relationship or if not, a fluctuating and complex mix of positives and negatives. They are generally enemies.

Cup and Cherry can be shipped as Cuprry

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In Worthless Change, Cup and Cherry have a couple of positive interactions, although all minor. When Cup threw a stick at Football, Cherry exclaimed "Ha! That's better!" After Football says he the fastest out of the contestants, Cherry says that's why Team A won.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

Throughout Worthless Change, Cup and Cherry has a series of ongoing interactions, with most being negative or otherwise neutral (such as when Cherry scolded Cup to run afterwards Football arrived on the mountain). A major example of this is when Cherry willingly kicked Cup off to decrease pressure on Puffball, showing his dislike for her. Cup is also annoyed by and somewhat angry with Cherry for being inconsiderate towards Puffball.