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Object Madness!! - Episode 2 Teaser -2

Object Madness!! - Episode 2 Teaser -2

The second teaser video.

Episode 2 is a future episode of Object Madness. So far, there are only two teaser trailers.

Object Madness!! - Episode 2 Teaser -1

Object Madness!! - Episode 2 Teaser -1

The first teaser video.




Teaser 1

E.D. is worried that her team lost the first challenge from the last episode, saying it's a bad sign. Football is angered, saying that everyone else didn't come back to get him and that they abandoned their teammate. Candy Cane, on her phone, says in a situation like this, he would expect someone to run faster. However, now that she thinks about it, E.D. blames on Puffbull (kinda). However, he said that he actually did something, with E.D. counter-claiming that the rest of her team had nothing to do. Tack then comes up, and says that they are at each other's necks. Football, with an enraged look on his face, holds Candy Cane's neck tightly, choking her.

Teaser 2

(more coming soon)


  • Team A, Pickaxe, Tennis Ball, Penny, Disc, and Gamepad are the only people who didn't appear in the first teaser.
  • In the second teaser, it is revealed that Daisy used to run a lot.
  • According to an announcement video made by Bryan, the length of the episode is around the 20 minutes mark.



  1. Bryan: "Object Madness episode 2 might possibly be coming this month despite the amount of scenes left to do"