These are all the lines from the two scenes so far.

Teaser 1

E.D.: Can't you believe we actually lost the first challenge? The first challenge! That's a pretty bad sign.

Football: Yes! Yes, I can believe it! You idiots didn't come back to get me. You abandoned your teammate!

Candy Cane: Well, in a situation like that, you would expect somebody to actually run faster!

Football: Pshhh! I wasn't trying you know? Like I care about a dumb competition like this. I actually hope I get eliminated, that way I don't have to see any of you idiots again!

E.D.: Actually, now that I think about it, it's kind of all Puffbull's fault,,,kinda.

Puffbull: My fault? Well at least I actually did something!

E.D.: Hey! None of us have anything to do!

(Tack shows up)

Tack: Wow. It's barely been a day and you guys are at each other's necks!

(Football is seen trying to choke Candy Cane)

Tack: Literally.

Teaser 2

(Cup is seen sitting on a bench. There's a short silence for the first five seconds)

Cup: I'm actually really impressed of myself!

(Daisy walks up)

Daisy: Huh, I sure would be if you known that I won the first challenge.

Cup: Oh, did you see that jump? I could of really hurt myself, but it was really worth it. The viewers must really like me now. I'm feeling that I'm going to be here for a long time.

Daisy: So did I! Did you know that I used to run a lot?

Cup: For real?

Daisy: Oh yes, I used to run all the time. I did cross-country.

Cup: Oh wow! No wonder you got to the mountain before we did. Dang, you can run faster than Puffball can fly?

Daisy: Psssh, no. It's just that she was carrying a lot of people.

Cup: I KNOW! Everybody was yelling "go! Go faster!" And I was like "guys, if you were her, you would be falling into the river."