— Football, Worthless Change

Football is a male contestant in Object Madness.


Football appears to be an American football made out of leather, a ball used in the sport "American Football". His main leather color is cocoa brown, and his stripes and grip are white.


Football can be seen as an athletic jock, being competitive and rude to everyone. This latter also shows that he is also a huge jerk. He sometimes can't get along with other people.

He's often bullying Disc (as seen in the intro when he picked up Pickaxe and chased Disc with him).


In Worthless Change,


  • Football's voice sounds almost like Pickaxe's voice, due to being voiced by the same person, Bryan N.
  • He is similar to Trophy from Inanimate Insanity II, as they are sports-related objects, they're both males, and they're both jocks.
  • In the first episode 2 teaser, it's revealed that Football doesn't care for a competition like Object Madness.