Well, we have to get the whole team up the mountain, so...
— Gamepad, to Disc in Worthless Change

Gamepad is a male contestant on Object Madness. He is placed on Team B.


Gamepad appears to be a gamepad controller for a video game console. He is dark gray, his d-pad is light gray, and his buttons are yellow, green, red, and blue in respective order.


Gamepad doesn't show much joy, so he's usually in a grumpy mood.


  • He is similar to Gamey from Object Overload, due to both having a gray d-pad and being objects related to video-games.
    • Coincidentally, Nial Burns, the creator of Object Overload, works for the show as a voice actor of E.D.
  • Gamepad is one of the two contestants who are electronic objects.
  • Gamepad only had one line in Worthless Change, which he said to Disc.
  • He may be friends with Disc
  • Gamepad is voiced by Samuel Thornbury, the creator of Object Universe and Object Twoniverse.
  • The buttons on Gamepad's late 2016 design are a reference to the alternate keys to the arrow keys on a keyboard: A, W, S, and D.
    • His design changed again in 2017 to have the A, B, X, and Y buttons.