Are you bored and impatient like Dice, waiting for something to happen? Find out five ways to not become Dice-like!

1.) Watch other object shows. Watching other unique, well-made, enjoyable object shows are a great recommendation if you're craving for the next episode of Object Madness. 

2.) Draw something you love. Drawing is something you can always improve at and help pass the time.

3.) Read fanfiction. Read fanfiction of anything, but if you're looking for Object Madness fanfiction, there's plenty here on the wiki blog posts!

4.) Find other fans. Finding other fans of Object Madness can help because you know you're not waiting alone, even if they're only from the internet.

5.) Do new activities that interest you. This will help you ease your mind off of the next episode because you get a variety of interests and not get entertainment from only one source.