All Object Madness Deaths

All Object Madness Deaths

These are the character deaths in Object Madness so far.


  • Cherry pushes Nickel into Penny and caused an explosion (as seen in the picture above).
  • Puffball shoves Puffbull into E.D., with E.D.'s screen getting cracked.

Worthless Change

  • Cup pushes Nickel to Penny, causing an explosion and killing both coins.
  • In the explanation animation (when Pickaxe says that Nickel and Penny are dead), an explosion kills Nickel and Penny.
  • Football throws a rock at Cup, possibly killing her.

Total Death Count (so far): 1 (2 if Cup died when Football threw a rock at her)


  • The reason why there is only one official death count is:
    • It is unknown if Cup died when Football threw a rock at her.
    • The intro (probably) does not count.
    • The animation for Pickaxe's explanation when Nickel and Penny died does not count.
  • In Worthless Change and the thumbnail of the video at the top right of the article may prove that Nickel and Penny's explosion can harm others nearby, but not kill them.
    • If one looks closely at the video thumbnail, Cherry and Candy Cane's silhouettes are seen in the background.