This article is about the character on Object Madness. You may be looking for his counterpart from BFDIA or his counterpart from I.I.
Latte, of course, we don't have teams!
— Nickel, to Latte in the animation auditions and a possible scrapped line in Worthless Change

Nickel is a male contestant on Object Madness. He is placed on Team A.


Nickel's personality changes through each show that he is in. He is sarcastic in Inanimate Insanity, narcissistic and unloving (later spastic) in BFDIA, and a contestant who doesn't like to do things for others in Object Madness.


  • He and Penny were the first people to die, since Cup pushed him to Penny and caused an explosion.
  • Nickel causes weird side effects when put near other coins, such as portals that create tons of money (when near Coiny for long enough) or explosions.
  • Nickel is often misspelled as "Nickle" by the fans.
    • In Inanimate Insanity, it is what caused the creation of a character named Nick-Le.
  • Nickel didn't compete in the first challenge (which was to reach the top of Insanity Mountain) due to being dead.
  • In Worthless Change, Nickel says that he doubts Tennis Ball's invitation has arrived, implying he knew about the competition beforehand.
    • The only other known character to know competition beforehand is Cup.
      • Although, the description for Worthless Change says "It starts off with a group of objects expecting an invitation to Insanity Island to compete on a reality show called 'Object Madness'." This may mean all of The Six was expecting the invitation, not just Nickel and Cup.