This article is not meant to be confused with the actual show, Object Madness.


A dropped idea meant to make Madness be taken seriously.

Object Maddness is a running gag in prerelease Object Madness videos where the "d" in "Madness" is often doubled, thus creating the word "Maddness." In recent years, this "mistake" was fixed in many videos. The reason of the doubling of the D's was to make the word "madness," sound serious, but since then the idea of having two d's in the title was dropped.


The very first appearance of "Object Maddness" was in a very early video that introduced Tack and Basketball: "Coming soon... Object Madness." In the video, the title of the show was spelt as "Object Maddness."


Coming soon... Object Madness (debut)

Object Madness (Introduction): In the logo, Madness was misspelled as "Maddness."