Oh my gosh, will you shut up?
— Penny, to Puffball and Puffbull in Worthless Change

Penny is a female contestant in Object Madness. She was placed on Team B.


Penny appears to be a 1 cent coin. Her body is a dark copper.


Penny is slightly sarcastic. An example of this is when she said "Yeah, that's a great idea...not!" as a reaction to Tennis Ball's solution to (while the start of the line is nice, the last word of it is rude).


  • She resembles Coiny from Battle for Dream Island without arms, which fans sometimes confuse her for.
  • She hates filthy things, which is similar to Soap from Inanimate Insanity II.
  • She didn't compete in the first challenge (which was to get to the top of Insanity Mountain) due to being dead.
  • Nickel may be Penny's brother.
  • Penny references Battle for Dream Island Again, the second season of Battle for Dream Island, by saying that all she heard about being put near Nickel is that it would make a portal to money.
  • Penny was the first ever character to make a weird face in Object Madness.
  • Penny causes an explosion when she is near Nickel.