The picture frame of Pickaxe and Tennis Ball in Puffball's house.

This article focuses on the relationship of Pickaxe and Tennis Ball. Despite not having as much similarities as Golf Ball from Battle for Dream Island, it seems Tennis Ball is friends with Pickaxe.


Pickaxe and Tennis Ball seem to be best friends since before Object Madness takes place This is shown in the start of the first episode where a picture of both characters is hanging on the wall.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

  • Ep 1: Pickaxe greets Tennis Ball after he and five other people were poured from the bus door. Earlier in the episode, you can actually see there is a picture of Tennis Ball and Pickaxe in Puffball's house, seen a few times.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

  • Ep 1: At the end of the episode, Pickaxe calls Team B, the team Tennis Ball was on, the "loser team."