This article is about Puffbull, one of the two flying contestants in the show. You may be looking for his sister, Puffball.
Oh, really?
— Puffbull, to Puffball in Worthless Change

Puffbull is a male contestant in Object Madness and the brother of Puffball. He is a limbless character, but makes up for it by flying. He also has a vocoded voice, and can change sizes.


Puffbull appears to be a craft pom-pom, a material used in arts and crafts. His main body is grayish-pink and he has curly bangs/a hair tuft.


Puffbull is rather competitive and a bit selfish compared to Puffball's cheery and nice personality. Like Puffball, he's rather strange as he has a vocoded voice. He also shares the same short temper.


Some people can't understand what Puffbull or his sister are trying to say. Puffbull's vocoded voice is fixed in a episode 2 teaser trailer. It is likely that Puffball's voice is fixed as well.


  • In his original design, Puffbull's hair was different. It was changed twice, however.
  • Also in his original design, Puffbull was going to be pink, but was given a grayish tint to differ from Puffball. He was also going to sparkle when he talks, but he doesn't do it in the final.
    • It is possible he doesn't sparkle in the actual series because he may be harder to animate that way.
  • In a episode 2 teaser, E.D. "kinda" blamed Puffbull for making Team B lose. This may show E.D.'s dislike for Puffbull.
  • Puffbull may be able to vomit a rainbow substance like his sister.
    • He may also have a carrying capacity.
  • Puffbull is the first male to make a weird face.
    • Overall, he is the second character to make a weird face, the first one being Penny.
      • Coincidentally, their names both start with a P (Penny, P​uffbull).