Get on Puffbull, you idiots!

Tack is a male contestant on Object Madness.


Tack is somewhat mean. An example of this is when he told his team to get on Puffbull, he called them idiots. This rude additiue is similar to Pin's (BFDI) mean-spirited and fierce additiude in season 1 of BFDI.


  • He resembles a different color of Pin from Battle for Dream Island, as they are rude, they are both thumbtacks, and they are team captains of Team B (Tack) and Squishy Cherries (Pin).
  • Tack is one of the three characters who didn't appear in an early video called "All Object Madness Characters!" He and Basketball later appeared in another early Object Madness-related video, while Pickaxe was first seen in the early version of the intro.
    • Coincidentally, all three of the characters are male.
  • Tack is seen as a more balanced and fleshed out version of Tack from Object Land
  • Tack speaks with a slight Irish accent.
    • Fans can mistake this for a British accent.
    • There is also Tack in Insane Fury.
      • However, they both are mean, have different body shapes, the Tack on Insane Fury is smaller than Tack from Object Madness, who is also a thumbtack. Additionally, the Tack from Insane Fury is armless, but the Tack from Object Madness has arms and legs.