This article is about the character on Object Madness. You may be looking for his counterpart from BFDI.
Well, it's kind of hard to play, considering the fact that we don't have arms!
— Tennis Ball, to Nickel in Worthless Change

Tennis Ball ("TB") is a male contestant on Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, and of course Object Madness.


Tennis Ball appears to be a furry tennis ball with painted white stripes. His main body/fur/felt is a bright yellow, and his stripes are white.


It is possible Tennis Ball's personality in Object Madness is the same as in BFDI; smart at solving problems, but is very clumsy because of his size and the fact that he's armless.

Tennis Ball can be cool-headed, something that isn't in Battle for Dream Island.


  • The game Tennis Ball was playing in Puffball's House was PAC-MAN.
  • When Tennis Ball talks, his stripes go horizontal or vertical.