"Worthless Change" is the first episode of Object Madness.
Object Madness!! - Episode -1 "Worthless Change"

Object Madness!! - Episode -1 "Worthless Change"


"Puffball, her brother, and friends are expecting something new, but how long will it take for one to finally reach the key to success?" - Before 2018

"It starts off with a group of objects expecting an invitation to Insanity Island to compete on a reality show called "Object Madness". A few obstacles occur while traveling to the island that causes two of the contestants die before even arriving. The host on the spot makes the challenge to revive the two contestants by traveling to the highest mountain." - After the change in 2018


Cold open

The episode begins with a view of a suburban area on a stormy night. A few houses are shown, but the camera stops panning at a pink house owned by Puffball. The screen fades black and says:

"A series by Bryan N.: Object Madness." The actual episode begins.

In Puffball's house

Puffball, Tennis Ball, and Nickel are seen inside Puffball's house. Tennis Ball is sitting on a couch, playing a video game that is revealed to be PAC-MAN later on, and Puffball is flying next to him and Nickel is standing next to the couch. Puffball's brother, Puffbull, appears from behind the couch and says something the viewers do not understand to Puffball. Nickel tells Puffbull that he can definitely say it, as he never was in a competition. Nickel, however, says that he has been in both Inanimate Insanity and BFDIA. After Nickel says to Puffbull that he can't stand a chance, Puffball, next to Penny and Tennis Ball, also starts talking to Puffbull, saying that he wishes and something again the viewers can't understand. Puffbull says if what Puffball said is real, and Puffball confirms it, causing Puffbull to say "okay" in some manner.

Nickel walks over to Tennis Ball (who he calls him "Tennis"), saying that he is back and asks TB what level he is on. Tennis Ball answers that the game is hard to play because the two don't have arms. The death sound from PAC-MAN is heard, indicating that he lost, in which Tennis Ball states that he lost again, saying it's awful.

He then asks Nickel to go and get the mail, which Nickel gets angered to, Nickel goes, takes the mail from Tennis Ball's mailbox, then comebacks. He tells that there is a lot of stuff, then directly walks away. Also, while Nickel brings the papers to the house, Puffbull and Puffball starts to argue, which annoys Penny. After Nickel brings the mails he directly walks away and the papers on his head falls down.

Cup tells that how messy these papers are, but she finds an invitation mail. She cheers up, then Tennis Ball asks what came. After that, Cup starts to reading; You are invited to Insanity Island. Over there you will meet- and when she is about to complete the sentence, Nickel comes out and asks who is the invitation for. Then Cup tells it is Tennis Ball, while Puffbull comes out, telling he would have been received one. Then Cup throws both of them and gets back to reading; You will be competing in a 9-month con-, while she is about to complete it again, Nickel finds another letter. He reads it; P.S, we are not responsible for the damage you do to yourself.

After that, Tennis Ball tells that how great it is, while making Nickel confused.

After the Intro

We see all of the people waiting for the bus come, taking them to Insanity Island. Then Cup tells that the bus is here. When the bus comes, Tennis Ball tells that he can bring others with him, but he also tells that it is limited. Tennis Ball brings all of his friends, and they all get on the bus now. 

Here, they met Bottle Cap, their bus driver. Penny calls this bus 'filthy' then Nickel tells something, but Bottle Cap starts to talking before Nickel finishes it. He warns them that he is not a legit bus driver, and if they have a problem with it, he tells them to get out. They don't worry about it, and while in the bus, they had to wait 3 hours.

Penny asks that what they are going to do here, waiting for 3 hours, and Cup tells that she has her laptop, going to look up some youtube videos on it. But it turns out, the wi-fi has a password. She goes and asks the driver to tell the password, and he replies with "Stay seated on the bus!". Cup complains about it.

3 Hours Later

Penny tells that he is so bored, and Tennis Ball tells that he got a solution to this problem. He tells he was thinking what would happen if Nickel and Penny gets close together, and Penny tells that's a great idea, adding a 'not' after it. Tennis Ball tells that they are going to die from bordness[trivia] if they not do it. Nickel complains and rejects that.

He walks over Cup and tells that he has a limit of how close he can be to people. Then Cup kicks Nickel to Penny, making them explode. The bus explodes too, and the bus lands on the island.

At Insanity Island

Pickaxe asks if someone is in there. Tack asks if there is no answer, which Pickaxe says "obviously." Then Daisy asks the bus number. Tack tells that it is the 57th bus. Then the door suddenly opens and Pickaxe falls down.

Tennis Ball and his friends come out from the bus, having a rushed-look. It turns out, Pickaxe and Tennis Ball know them from somewhere, and he asks about his friends. Then Pickaxe asks that why they are all 'burned-out'. Tennis Ball tells that it is a long story. Pickaxe tells that they have teams to start the competition, and Latte tells they DON'T have teams. Pickaxe apologizes, and he tells that they can switch the teams if they want. 

Now we see Daisy introducing herself while she is holding Latte. Pickaxe jumps right in and tells the competition. The competition is getting top of Insanity Mountain with your team members. Due that Penny and Nickel are dead, they also need to bring them to the top in order to win. The first team that brings all of their members with their coins win. Daisy tells that they can go to the top on Puffball's head if it is okay with her. She accepts it.

Then we see Disc and Gamepad talking about how they are going to complete the competition. Then Candy Cane tells that they could go copy the other team's idea, and she notices that the team is over them. Tack tells to hurry up, then Football asks what are they going to do. Tack tells everyone to get up on Puffbull. Puffbull takes everyone, and they start to float.

In that scene, we see Team A floating up to the mountain. Latte tells that she thinks she is gone too high from the ground. Then Cherry tells that he can't even see the ground. Puffball tells that she can see the mountain here. In the next scene, we see Candy Cane coming up with the 'perfect solution', and throws a stick to the Team A. Daisy and Nickel falls down and Pickaxe announces that one of the team members have fallen down. 

Then Cup notices that the Team B is throwing sticks, and throws a stick to them. Due that Football falls down. Then Cup throws another stick, and Puffball tells her stopping to throw sticks. Dice tells that it is a waste of time throwing sticks, then Basketball tells that time does not matter cause it all depends on Puffball. Cup tells that Puffball needs to be quicker than before for stopping his brother getting past them. Then they land, finding Daisy and Nickel. 

Puffball stops, and Cherry asks why she stopped, Cup tells that she is a bit tired. Puffball can't hold any of people now, and Cherry tells someone to run through the mountain. He kicks Cup off. Cup is seen running with Football for winning. Football tells her to give up, but Cup runs even faster. 

We see Team A, and Puffball sees the finish line. Then the team notices that the finish is still far away, taking a deep gasp, then they cheers. They throw Nickel to the bag, now they have to wait for Cup to come. Cup is still running, while Football tries to reach her. Football thinks of an evil plan, throwing a rock at Cup. Cup cracks down a bit, and she falls down. 

Football comes up, then he notices Cup too. They start to running again, while Cherry shouts out to them. They start to racing, and they jump to the finish line. Cup jumps, and she cracks but she have made her team won. While Team A is cheering, Football gets angry and he complains about it.


  • This marks the first time:
    • Puffball and Puffbull were seen fighting.
    • Nickel and Penny were pushed together, causing an explosion.
      • This also marks the first two deaths.
    • Cup shatters.
    • An insult was used (Tack called his team idiots, and Pickaxe called Team B "the loser team").
    • Weird faces were seen (done by Penny, Puffbull, Cherry, and Dice in respective order).
  • Error: Apparently, all the mailboxes in this episode are the same.
  • The episode name is a pun on the two coins of the series, Nickel, and Penny, due to having low values (1¢ and 5¢ respectively).
  • Fans can confuse the episode name for "Worthless Challenge."
  • If a viewer were to look closely at the invitation before Cup reads it, they would find it to be readable. The invitation says this:
    • Note: The bold text means that Cup also read it.
    • You are invited to Insanity Island! Over there you will meet (?) of contestants... You'll be competing in a 9-month contest. 17 contestants, 1 million dollars! This is Object Madness!
      • The invitation may have been written by Pickaxe.
      • Error: Tennis Ball claims that the invitation said he can bring friends with him, but there is no way it says that anywhere.
  • Most of the names on the mailbox reference real people and YouTube-rs.
  • Error: Tennis Ball says boredness in one of his lines "Well it's either that or we're going to die from boredness." "Boredness" is supposed to be "boredom."
  • The first trailer of this episode was seen in the fake BFDIA 6 (The Time is Now!) with slight differences.
  • During the animation explanation for the challenge, the word "winner!" appears above Nickel. This foreshadows Team A's winning.